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Aquaculture or industrial-scale fish farming is critical to satisfying the world's increasing protein demands.

Driven by an expanding middle class and a human race set to balloon to 9.5 billion people by 2050, overfishing continues to deplete fragile wild stocks, globally.

The Peritus team has extensive experience in the global aquaculture sector, having executed nearly USD 100m in transactions across the “egg-to-plate” value chain.

Working on projects in multiple continents and species, we have financed innovative greenfield projects through fully mature businesses. 

SDG Impact

Renewable Energy

Peritus spent a year in collaboration with a Canadian hydroelectric utility designing a financing program to deliver a low-cost solution for a complex multi-stage hydro-turbine replacement for the century old dam.

Our specialty program will finance the construction period, deliver an off-balance sheet solution to the utility, and reduce the upfront costs of upgrading the hydro turbines. 

In line with the highest standards of sustainable investment, the hydro turbines have sensors that slow its blades to allow migrating fish to pass through to their breeding grounds. 

The turbines will require substantially less maintenance than the current equipment due to frictionless magnetic components, tripling overall efficiency.

SDG Impact

Alternative Protein

As traditional proteins like meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy continue to work towards more environmentally sustainable production methods, they are being joined by new sources like plant, algal, insect, and single cell proteins.

‍Peritus Capital has been on the forefront of this space, having advised and invested in an innovative single cell protein project that can transform organic waste suspended in water into reusable fresh water and high value protein. We’ve created a completely circular economy by reusing fresh water for aquaculture and utilizing the protein as feed for the fish. 

Sustainability was a key focus in our decision to become a shareholder in the project as it will support freshwater conservation, eliminate organic waste, and reduce the carbon footprint of seafood companies in the United States.

SDG Impact

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