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Peritus Capital is a minority-owned and operated boutique investment firm that invests in, supports, and finances the global development of early-stage and established companies that integrate Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) principles into their business models. We are a global team with an extensive network of international investors able to invest across multiple geographies.

We support our clients holistically and make ourselves available to help however possible.

As a team, we’re incredibly proud of our collective integrity and work ethic in striving for the absolute best for our clients. This is what defines us."


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We aren’t constrained by one-size-fits-all thinking and, instead, take an entrepreneurial mindset and nimble approach to problem solving.


Performance based incentives align our interests with the long term goals of our clients, ensuring that we share in the risk as well as the reward.


Business challenges are solved by money and original concepts; capital will always follow expertise, creativity, and a strong network.


Financial rewards are achievable alongside socially conscious goals--protecting the environment, responsible corporate citizenship, and sustainable economic development.

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Unlike traditional investment banks, we possess specialized knowledge within niche markets and have an ability to offer wholly unique debt and/or equity solutions based on a client’s specific needs.

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Land-based aquaculture, particularly through Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, has become the "it" investment in the seafood space. Its rise hasn't exactly been meteoric, but a confluence of factors has finally convinced the greater institutional investor base to get off the sidelines and start taking the area seriously.

February 23, 2021

The RAS Gold Rush Continues but Don’t Count on Easy Money Forever

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To say that new money has been flooding into land-based aquaculture recently would be an understatement. In a 2019 study on land-based initiatives, Rabobank estimated that new production reared from Recirculating Aquaculture Systems would add over 700,000 metric tonnes per year. Most of this investment is for Atlantic salmon.

January 1, 2021

Why Investors Should Chase Eel Aquaculture

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Led by a former managing partner at Norwegian asset finance firm Lighthouse Finance, New York City, U.S.A.-based Peritus Capital hopes to provide financing to aquaculture operations with a sustainability focus.

November 20, 2020

ESG the focus in launch of aquaculture-focused Peritus Capital

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CFA Society of New York

Peritus Capital CEO Howard Tang, CFA moderated an ESG panel entitled "ESG Creates Value, Not Just Investment Returns" on behalf of CFA Society New York. Howard was joined by Aniket Shah, PhD, Mariela Vargova, Ph.D., Lisa Hayles, and Kate Ahern to discuss how an effective #ESG proposition links to higher value creation.

November 16, 2020

ESG Creates Value, Not Just Investment Returns

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Executive Team

Howard Tang

Ching Ryan

Edward Liu

Courtney Bosh

Ketur Patel

Where we started

Prior to Peritus, the Founders launched a small business lender using proprietary software to source lending opportunities, later exiting its loan portfolio at a profit and producing attractive returns for investors. This was followed by an investment in Lighthouse Finance, an aquaculture focused asset finance firm headquartered in Norway. The Founders were instrumental in rebranding the business, expanding it into North America, Europe, and Asia, significantly growing its portfolio, and resulting in a 8x return to the Founders in less than three years.

While Peritus expands its investment mandate to other sectors and financial instruments, it continues to guide and support the development of Lighthouse.

The Founders have held key executive roles and contributed to the transformation of a venture capital-backed start-up to a billion-dollar business. The business continues to be a critical provider of business intelligence and research to a broad audience of hedge funds, financial advisors, and institutional investors.

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